“How Potent For Good And Evil They Become”- Sophime is a series of 3 Sake sets that use form, function and contrast to represent the strength of words and the destruction, resilience and manipulation embodied in war. These sake sets are a response to Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, a novel that explores the themes of war, death and the power of words.

When brought together as a collection, “How Potent For Good And Evil They Become” – Sophime depicts a bombed out cityscape. The choice of Sake sets is a direct response to the power of words used by orators to manipulate others. The more sake an individual drinks, the more malleable they become. Likewise the individual is influenced by the words they imbibe, moulded to the will of a powerful speaker.

The individual pieces of the sake sets are different in shape and feel. The curved cups – hammered and etched – look damaged, but are nevertheless comforting and resilient. The smooth-surfaced, angular bottles and concrete bases are harsh and dominating. The contrasting forms represent the good and evil in humanity, words and life.